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At The Gentle Dentist in Spring Hill, Florida, Dr. Jeffrey Lash, offers Invisalign® for our patients who want a straighter, aligned smile. By using a system of clear aligners worn incrementally, Invisalign is a healthy alternative to wearing braces.

Metal brackets and wires can cause mouth sores and injuries by irritating sensitive tissues, as well as cavities because the teeth are harder to clean–making it easier for harmful plaque to accumulate.

With Invisalign, you remove the aligners while eating, allowing you to thoroughly clean your teeth afterwards. This improved oral hygiene serves to protect your pearly whites, unlike wearing metal braces.

Worth mentioning is that when teeth are aligned correctly, the gums tend to fit more completely around the teeth, helping to prevent periodontal disease because the roots of the tooth are protected properly. This improved hygiene is important to your smile, because if you don’t clean your teeth well daily (which can happen with metal braces) you are vulnerable to the following oral health concerns:

–Tooth decay

–Gum disease

–Halitosis (bad breath)

–Sores in the mouth

–Gums that bleed

According to the American Dental Association, oral infections don’t just cause problems in the mouth, in fact, oral infections can lead to diabetes, stroke, pneumonia, and even heart disease. With Invisalign, not only can you get a straighter smile, you can do so without damaging your teeth and gums which leaves your body healthier as well.

If you have been wanting to align your smile, please give The Gentle Dentist team in Spring Hill, Florida, a call today at 352-398-4064. Dr. Jeffrey Lash will be happy to show you how Invisalign can give you the smile you desire while protecting your health!